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Emu360v1 4 Download | Tested




dex files, or game ROMs(game hacks/ROM hacks etc.). I can't think of any game reviews that are about an emulator or ROMs in them. Actually I do have one review. I'm currently working on another one. I'm still working on it. So it's not completely done. "Super Smash Bros Brawl" which is the most recent game Nintendo released ( Have you looked for a review? If you can't find one then it probably isn't a "review" or it might not be on CCC. If you do find one, try writing a review based on the game. Quote A review isn't supposed to be a guide. If your post is in the review section there is a rule that says your post has to be a review. That is what your post was. It said that it was a review. So in a way you lied. Which is what my post was. Honestly i can't think of another game that uses a slot machine system. There are a lot of games that have a game like system. Since when did this become required for your review? Since I was asked. Yes, and it was another game. I have another review in the works and it will be along the same lines. Well, why do you have to add other material? You can't just write a review and be done with it. It isn't required for your review. Also, i don't understand your post as to what what is "acceptable" and what isn't. It is a review. And there is no rule that says it has to be a review. It can be a review or it can be an article. That is the thing. If it is an article then it is acceptable. Which is why I said that that is the place for it. If you aren't going to write a review then why did you post the article in the review section? Well, I think that there are. You just haven't found them yet. Have you looked for




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Emu360v1 4 Download | Tested

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